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Southampton White Rift Oak

Southampton White Rift Oak

Southampton (STH) Door Disclaimer: When installing your beautiful new Southampton cabinetry ½” minimum clearance is required to allow the door to open and close. Clearance strips are fillers precut to 1/4” wide for your convenience.

Nature's Fingerprint for WRO Products:  Minor variations in color are inherent to natural wood and add to the beauty and character of the finish.  Tribeca does not warrant that each piece it manufactures will be alike as nature's fingerprint is never the same from piece to piece or tree to tree. Please refer to our product specifications page for more details.  By confirming your order, you acknowledge you have reviewed our disclaimer and reviewed the natural properties of white oak with your customer.   

Please review the attached acknowledgement and send a signed copy back to our office which can be done by either responding approved to this email or signing and sending the confirmation back by email.  You can make changes or revisions to this order until your final sign-off but please be advised that after your final sign-off we will not accept any changes, revisions, or cancellations.  We also do not accept returns so please ensure that everything is correct before your final sign-off.

 Please check the delivery address and projected ship week for accuracy and provide us with a contact name and number for delivery.  It is very important that you give us the correct contact information so our driver can locate your customer.  You will receive an email from our shipping department 2 to 3 days prior to shipment to schedule your delivery which must be confirmed.  If you are unable to accept delivery during the projected ship week or would like your delivery on a different week, please let us know so we can schedule it accordingly.

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