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Nature Stone


Natural stone countertops are slabs of actual stone quarried around the world and then polished and cut to size. they have differences that may make one choice better for your kitchen than the other.

Due to their beauty, durability and versatility, every stone slab has different properties, and you’ll need to choose the best stone slab from stone yard.

GRANITE: is a hard, igneous rock that has become one of the most popular natural stones on the market.

QUARTZITE: froms when sandstone that is high in quartz content is subjected to extremely high temperatures and                       pressure. It has a smooth, glassy surface and comes in a wide range of beautiful colors.

MARBLE: it's always recomand marble for bathroom area, not for kitchen. It’s highly porous, making it susceptible                    to stains if it isn’t sealed regularly, making it more prone to chips and scratches. Marble requires more                      diligent care and maintenance.

SOAPSTONE: is a metamorphic rock that consists primarily of talc.

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